11-10-2016 Polytunnel installation step by step (video)

Do you have any difficulties during the installation of a polytunnel? Don’t be afraid! In brief: polytunnel installation looks like pitching a tent, so find a convenient and flat spot.
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06-10-2016 Fresh and healthy food in a polytunnel

Nowadays, as shops’ shelves are filled with genetically modified food with pesticides, ecological food has become more and more popular.
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30-09-2016 Garage tent instead of a garage? Why not!

Every automotive fan knows that sheltering your car will prove beneficial. How could you protect your car fromthe harmful influences of weather conditions, autumn leaves or road dust? Is there any way to avoid daily snow removal?
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About Krosagro

KROSAGRO is high quality polytunnels (plastic tunnels) and garden greenhouses used to extend cultivation period of various kinds of plants, fruit and vegetables as well as garage tents, tent halls, cultivation tables and gutters. We offer a wide range of products designed both for individual clients and for retail and wholesale producers. KROSAGRO offer includes modern and reliable products based on expertise and materials of the highest quality.

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Our work

Garden greenhouses, plastic tunnels and polytunnel

garden greenhouses plastic tunnels



The Krosagro range of products includes garden greenhouse for amateurs and polytunnels for professionals (greenhouse and plastic tunnels).

Whether it is a hobby or an occupation, more and more people are now getting the best out of Krosagro’s high quality hot-dip galvanized steel polytunnels.


For the amateur gardener, a garden greenhouse is the ideal addition to a vegetable patch and a definite source of pleasure. Your aim is to grow a diverse selection of fresh and healthy fruits ang veg for family and even friends around you ? Then a ” hobby ” polytunnel is your choice because it is functional , durable and affordable. For more versatility , you will opt for the ”hobby multivegetation ”polytunnel which double side ventilation allows longer growing seasons and a wider choice of crop , sensitive to high temperatures.

Garden greenhouses

For a professional , a greenhouse is a production tool that meets all the requirements of a grower and is designed to last and withstand everything the weather throws at it. Krosagro greenhouse have proved their efficiency in real conditions thanks to their unequalled hot-dip galvanized steel frame .Resistance to corrosion, abrasion and shocks, strength of the tubular elements (diameter , thickness), maintenance free with the exception of the plastic foil, you can concentrate your efforts on what matters the most :  the soil and its riches.

Plastic tunnels for vegetable growers, polytunnels for horticulturists, greenhouses come in different shapes and each one has specific features and offer a wide range of possibilities. Therefore , Krosagro will deal with your request on an individual basis. A custom made approach with one goal in mind : optimise your production and improve your working conditions.

A 30m greenhouse , a plastic tunnel with double heated foil, a polytunnel with roof ventilation ? Let us know what you need and let ‘s build it together !

Our offer

  • Hobby polytunnels
  • Garage tents
  • Hobby multivegetation polytunnels
  • Garden greenhouses
  • Greenhouse
  • Plastic tunnels
  • Polytunnel

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