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Polytunnel manufacturer Krosagro

KROSAGRO is one of the largest manufacturers of greenhouses for professional and domestic gardeners. Garages tents, storage and industrial halls, breeding tunnels and event halls have recently expanded our range. These high quality greenhouses are used to extend the growing season of various plants, fruits, vegetables and flowers. We produce plastic foil greenhouses for standard-sized cultivation but also custom made ones. Their structure is made of hot-dip galvanized steel pipes, covered with a UV-2, UV-5 or UV-10 cover on request. All these foils provide effective protection against UV and other weather conditions.





In addition to greenhouses, we offer garages, recreation tents, garden sheds, cultivation tables and gutters. This wide range of finished products is designed for private users as well as companies, manufacturers, retailers and wholesalers.

Our mission is to provide our customers with reliable greenhouses, adapted to their needs and requirements . We are constantly working on new solutions so that our products meet the expectations of the current market. A high level of innovation and a superior quality are the trademarks of KROSAGRO products, which are gaining a growing reputation in the domestic and European markets.

Greenhouse with plastic foil -  KROSAGRO Products

The KROSAGRO brand products make it possible to vastly extend the growth period of crops and achieve satisfactory results in a short time. Our plastic covered greenhouses are adapted to specific climatic conditions, water availability and other natural factors. As a producer of garden greenhouses, we wish to cooperate with our customers from the early designing stage, defining every production aspect up to its finalization. At each stage and after completion, we share our expertise in tunnel maintenance, as well as best cultivation practices.

Proven Solutions
Our products are of high quality, robust and long lasting thanks to the use of steel tubes and profiles produced by STAL IMPEX Sp. Z o. o. - renowned manufacturer of  steel products, KROSFENCING panels and gates. All components of KROSAGRO greenhouses -polytunnels , polycarbonate greenhouses - come from pipes and profiles made of hot dip galvanized steel. This means that a zinc coating protects the tubes not only on the outside but also on the inside, making them resistant to corrosion.

Robustness and reliability guaranteed
We provide our customers with greenhouses that comply with safety standards. Modern technology and the use of high-quality materials provide these greenhouses with a high resistance guarantee to atmospheric conditions. Strong winds and abundant precipitation generate no risk for KROSAGRO constructions.

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