Breeding tunnel

Krosagro Breeding Tunnels

Steel structures for cattle and poultry farming

These tunnels are intended for breeders (sheep, cows, goats, pigs), poultry producers, mushrooms growers. The versatility of tunnels allows them to be used for all types of livestock. The other advantage of these structures is that you can change their function to adapt to another type of activity in a matter of hours.

An effective way to breed


The breeding hall is a much cheaper and more efficient alternative to traditional buildings. The speed of implementation of such a construction is a main asset and it can be quickly dismantled and transported to another location if required. Krosagro has developed and created a modular construction system - our products are designed for quick assembly, construction is robust with a long life expectancy. Above all advantages, the price comes first as these structures are much cheaper than block buildings.

The inside of the facility tends to optimize every available space and work with animals in a suitable environment. This high and solid opened galvanized steel structure ticks all the boxes and fits specifications of every farmer.

Economic lighting under shelter


In a closed area, it is necessary to install lighting, operation that generates additional costs. In contrast ,the cover of a tunnel enables sunlight transmission indoor, and a shading system can limit overheating in the building.

Ventilation and microclimate for livestock tunnels


The side openings on both sides of the tunnel allow you to adjust the temperature inside the structure. This minimizes the possibilities of overheating for livestock, and also creates an appropriate microclimate, beneficial for animals. The installation can be used all year round, and you can obviously incorporate additional heating. The hall's proven weatherproofing makes it possible to store the collected heat and a slow dispersion. Air circulation is also a way to evacuate odors, emitted during breeding process , very persistent in walls and different devices and time and effort consuming when cleaning. These shelters are much simpler for disinfection because they do not absorb odors and their structure leaves no room for dirt, as with rough walls.


Steel structures Krosagro


The halls are a cost-effective and optimal solution when operating a farm. Each structure has a high resistance to bad weather like snow or wind, it can be erected on any surface and perform anywhere. With 20 years of experience in steel and construction industry, manufacturers and users of these facilities are the best qualified to appreciate the best solutions.