Carport shelter

Krosagro carports

Carports are constructions with one or more opened entries, mounted on stakes and used for the storage of goods, raw materials, tools, machines ... Available in many sizes and shapes, the smallest can be used as shelter for grazing animals, garage for vehicles, and larger ones to store goods, aircraft or to shelter display units. These multifunctional structures have a significant advantage over block buildings - they are much more practical and flexible.

Krosagro modular constructions are made of hot dip galvanized steel elements, assembled together. Thanks to a clever design, the installation is very simple, and at any time you can change the location or function of the shelter. A quick disassembly allows to move it to the required spot, so it can be mounted and dismantled several times, then re-installed in another location.

Shelters are most commonly used when:

Protection against weather conditions is needed (rain, snow, hail)
Goods, vehicles or raw materials do not require constant temperature storage
Moisture does not affect the condition of stored items
Natural ventilation is necessary


From experience, the functionality of these structures is not limited to their use as a shelter . Possibilities include:

Logistics companies - which use them to store their cars and other goods
Sailing clubs - which store boats under cover
Event agencies - providing bars, podiums, dance floors under a protecting roof
Horse parks - shelters for stalls or exercise areas, for comfortable conditions for the animal and the rider
Construction companies - storage of machinery, materials and tools. Once the operation is completed, such a shelter can be moved to another location.
Large-scale parking - car park for shopping malls where guests leave their cars under cover.

Design your shelter according to your needs

Sometimes, it is difficult to foresee the intended function of a construction but the modular design allows for further evolution and adaptation. As you expand your business, you can extend the area with additional segments. Developed by Krosagro engineers, these were created to ensure a perfectly adapted surface to the customer's needs and to guarantee an optimal working space. This is predominant in situations where handling and use of machinery is frequent.

Advantages of KROSAGRO modular steel structures:

Factory direct - as manufacturers and users of these shelters, we fully understand the requirements for these constructions.
Clever design - Dimensions such as width, length, height and number of doors are adapted to the customer's wishes.
Quick assembly and disassembly - construction is achieved much faster than a block building and can change its function at any time.
Extension option - the modularity of these structures allows for an extension and integration of additional systems.