Storage hall

Hay tunnel

Manufactured by Krosagro, these halls are used for the storage of hay stacks. This compressed and stored plant material is protected from moisture inside the tunnel and therefore its quality is preserved for longer. For straw and hay to remain unspoiled , care must be taken to avoid fungi, mold and microorganisms that can cause diseases for animals.

Laying a tarpaulin directly on the stacks is not effective, as they will be transported sooner or later to another location and the foil may get torn during transportation. The optimum solution is a storage facillity whith both sides opened, allowing air to circulate through the entire building. Ventilation limits heat and moisture build-up in the food.


Steel structure and Krosagro modular system


The robust steel construction and all hot dip galvanized elements are corrosion resistant. Connections solidify the whole structure, therefore protecting from strong winds and intense snowfall. Moreover, the process of dismantling such a building is much quicker than for a traditional building, not to mention the numerous preparations and the additional costs generated. Storage halls, in addition to the advantages mentioned above, have another plus : their function can be adapted in a short length of time. Indeed, from a warehouse, it can be turned into a garage for agricultural machinery, a growing tunnel or a workshop. It is an investment that generates a lot of returns, and its basic use alone proves profitable!

Krosagro Halls are an optimal, convenient and spacious storage facility for straw and hay. Stacks are widely used in various industries, for example:

Energy - production of pallets, briquettes, biomass
Substrate production - to prepare soil for mushroom production and purchased by mushroom growers
Animal breeding - as feed for horses, cows, sheep, goats, etc.
Fertilizers - when dug and mixed with straw, phytosanitary status of soil improves