Accessories for greenhouses

Among our offers, you can order a Krosagro greenhouse adapted to your needs. Our ability to freely manufacture each element allows us to design individualized products to be used in any environment or industry. Hot-dip galvanized and high-quality parts are designed to be versatile in a modular, extendable structure.

After a few seasons, owners of greenhouses or garage tents, satisfied with their KROSAGRO products, often extend the structure by means of additional segments, thus increasing the available working area. Each tunnel accessory is available for sale and can be reviewed on Pinterest links, among them:

- side arch
- roof arch
- double arch
- horizontal, vertical, curved, central , cross-shaped connection.
- stakes
- crank for multi vegetation greenhouses
- hooks
- anti insect net
- hinges
- spring nut
- aluminum holding strip
- foil
- steel connectors
- anchors for floor and concrete
- doors and components
- galvanized steel pipes for greenhouse frame
- galvanized steel profiles for the greenhouse frame